Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daily Rant

I think this is going to be a regular feature.

Personally I think there are way too many laws here in the US but the one thing I think there should be a law against is siren sounds on the radio unless of course it's part of an ass kicking song. But as far as commercials and crap like that goes...... Hey, I've been clean for quite a few years and even today if I'm driving down the road and I hear a fucking siren I STILL automatically go into panic mode. I don't stop to think that it might be on the radio, I think I'm getting jammed and I best try some damage control. Foot off the gas pedal, check the speed. Do a quick glance to the passenger seat to check for anything that shouldn't be out and any firearms hit the driver's floorboard and kicked under the seat. Arms go down below window level where tattoos don't show. All of this while trying to look like I'm not doing any of it. Then and only then do I try to determine the source.
That's why it pisses me off to hear a siren on the radio. I'm an old fuck and I don't need any more panic stops than is necessary.
What's really bad is that there's one commercial that the rock station here plays all the time. I mean, I hear the thing twice a day and I still fall for it.

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