Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daily rant

I started watching a couple of tattoo shows a couple years back and noticed a couple of the things right out the gate. More than a couple really, but I ain't got all night so I'll just bitch about the main ones.
The very first thing I noticed is that everybody that walked in had a fucking tale to tell or a reason to get this tattoo. "Well, this is in memory of my Dad/Husband/Wife/Parakeet" (insert one) or something along those lines. Why is it that you never heard anybody say "Because that would look fucking cool right there" or "I got a blank spot I need filled in so I don't walk lopsided" or something along those lines.
While I do a have couple of tattoos to commemorate something, most of them came along because I happened to want a tattoo or happened to be there when the artist was and needed a few bucks. And yes, I have gotten a tattoo because I thought something would look cool right there. And yes, I've gotten blank spots filled in. Which reminds me.......

Another thing is this: Why don't you EVER hear the price or see the motherfucker getting paid? Hell, I'll tell you why - Kat Von D's minimum price is $750 (no shit) and any shop worth anything will charge you $100 just to get started. Yeah, you can blow a weeks salary in just a couple sittings.

Okay, I know I said just a couple of things but I gotta throw this one in. Why is it that everybody's gotta be hugging on the artist when the tattoo is done? Hey, if I tried hugging on Nick, he'd beat my ass. I mean, some things just aren't appropriate, you know?

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