Friday, August 22, 2008

It's a KOOL doobie

The Warfield, San Francisco - 1985
Me and Dave were at the Warfield watching The Jerry Garcia Band. Sitting next to us was this trio, a sweetie and two guys, probably in their mid-twenties. These folks were obviously not your basic full time Deadheads. The girl looked like a weekend hippie with her bedsheet wrapped around her and flowers in her hair, but the two guys were definitely out of their element. I mean they were wearing slacks, white shirts, and loafers. They were obviously only there in an attempt to rub pee-pees with the girl. Dave had the aisle seat, then me, with these three on the other side of me. Dave whips out this green bud bomb and passes it down. I hit it and pass it to this Yup sitting on the other side of me out of politeness. After 4 or 5 hits, the guy next to me leans over and says, "I don't know where your friend got that menthol joint, but it sure is good."
Well, you silly little stoned shit.

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