Monday, August 25, 2008

An odd lullabye

The air must be especially clear tonight - I can hear the trains all the way down by 9th Street, the rumbling and their whistles as the cars pick up speed on the way to who knows where.

I honestly can't remember ever not having lived within earshot of a train track. It never has bothered me to live near them either. I love the sound. It can be both the most lonesome and the most comforting sound in the world, at the same time. Many nights it's the last sound that I'm conscience of before I go to sleep.


shoe said...

You mentioned the noise of the trains goin by at night and how it's like a lullabye. Well maybe in the past.
It's just not the noise of the train goin bye anymore now it's the blasting horn at every intersection! I swear it's so loud it wakes me up at night if the window's open. Some of those guys must really love waking all the folks sleeping, they lay on that horn all the way through town.

Add this to the ever growing list of ubsurd laws passed by our legislature. Tell me how many lives this has saved. I want before and after figures and grafts showing the stats, now get on it !

shoe said...

How nostalgic, but things have changed since the "Horn Law" was passed where it seems they have to blast their horn at every intersection. Yes an odd lullabye, one that wakes you up at night!!
I live several blocks away from the tracks but it sounds like that horn is blasting right out my bedroom window.
This absurd law is a fine example of our legeslature at work, how many of them live anywhere near the tracks?
Some of the train operators lay on that horn all the way through town and anyone living within a one mile radius has to tolerate that?

I'd love to see some statistics of how many lives saved ,if any, because of this law...the before and after get on it and post those numbers!

wirecutter said...

Okay Matt, no more comments for you!