Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stay off my side of the sidewalk

Summer, 1986
The first time we ever went to a 49er gun show was a trip. We were provisioned with a killer grade of cadillac green bud and several hundred dollars, so we set off for the big city. I had never driven to Sacramento before, much less Cal-Expo, and I was a tad intimidated. I mean they had freeways with 4 lanes in each direction, man! Dave, being from L.A. and a veteran of a BeeGees concert, wasn't impressed at all. I fell back on my tactic of getting stoned when I got to feeling uptight. Bad, bad mistake. The higher I got, the more lost I got. The more lost I got, the madder Dave got. The madder Dave got, the more uptight I got. The more uptight I got , the higher I got. You get the picture? By the time we got to the gun show, I bet I saw the State Capitol from 50 different angles, smoked a quarter ounce or so of bud, and got called nasty names at least a dozen times.

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