Saturday, September 06, 2008

45 ACP vs 84 ACP

Back a few years ago, it was a BIG thing down around Oak, Pine, & California Streets for the local crack dealers and thugs to carjack people by jumping out in front of the car as the driver was slowly cruising looking for a score. They'd jump out from behind another car with guns drawn and when the driver jammed on the brakes, they'd get jerked out of their rides, robbed, beaten or shot, then left on the side of the road. Seemed like I heard about that happening at least a couple of times a week for quite a while.
When I started hearing about that I used to drive around down there just daring some motherfucker to try that shit on me. I wasn't even going to hesitate - I was going to flop down in the cab and floorboard my truck, doing the community, the police and the world a favor by running over one or more of the assholes. I mean, if you think a 45 ACP has stopping power, how about an 84 ACP?
For the uninformed, a 45 ACP is a pistol cartridge - 45 Automatic Colt Pistol. An 84 ACP is an 84 Automatic Chevy Pickup.

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