Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bang bang bang pop BOOM

When I first started to reload about 25 years ago, I was kind of nervous. I wasn't quite sure if I was doing everything exactly right as I had nobody to teach me and actually show me what the hell I was doing so everything I knew I learned from a book or magazine, and let's face it, I was messing with explosives here. Anyways, I studied each step, set up my dies by the book, double and triple checked everything, then did each loading step slowly and carefully. I could just see a gun blowing up because of a stupid ass mistake.
The first caliber that I loaded was 45 ACP. I loaded up 200 rounds and headed up to Red Hills Road to try 'em out. I told Dave to shoot them slowly slowly slowly to make sure the recoil felt right, not too light or heavy, and to listen to the report and make sure it sounded right. If it didn't feel or sound exactly right, then By God, quit shooting. I mean that's how shaky I was about the situation.
Dave loads a magazine into his 45, points that Colt downrange and unloads the entire magazine in about one and a half seconds flat. Then he turns to me and says "Yeah, they're fine."

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