Saturday, September 27, 2008

The cost of ammo

I just got a comment from Daver (Ruining the Internet) concerning my post earlier on reloading tools that mentioned Cor-Bon bullets and it reminded me of something.

While I was going through my divorce I filed a restraining order against my wife due to domestic violence. When she was served she saw the part that said by law she had to surrender all firearms. Well, that gave her a little ammo against me, knowing how much I love my guns. So guess what happened next? She filed one against me and I had to surrender my firearms.
When we had the hearing the judge basically told her that she was full of shit, refused to make the restraining order against me permanent and said that I could recover my guns.
That turned into a 3 month ordeal, and when I found out that it was going to take a while I went over to Dad's house to bitch and moan about it. Dad asked if I had a firearm and when I said no, he reached into the side of his easy chair, pulled out his 357 and handed it to me saying that it was loaded with 38 special +Ps.
I didn't want a 357 loaded with 38s so I stopped at my local gun shop and asked for a box of 125 gr 357 hollow points. The counter man asked what flavor I wanted and I said Cor-Bons if he had them. He flipped a box of 20 up on the counter and I pulled a 20 dollar bill next to it.
He said "Been a while since you bought any loaded ammo, huh Ken?"
I almost had a heart attack when he said that I needed to put up another $20 and then he gave me $4.50 in change.
$35.50 for a box of 20?
And people wonder why I reload.........

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