Saturday, September 13, 2008

Custom cartridges

Because of the bleeding heart laws that the State of Kalifornia insist on passing, we've been restricted from using lead bullets in areas that the California Condor MIGHT inhabit.
These areas include most of Central California. The Department of Fish and Game has maps showing the exact areas but I'll save you the trouble of looking it up - It's available in PDF form at:

Here's an excerpt from that page:
After nearly a full year of public testimony, discussion, and environmental analyses, the Fish and Game Commission modified the Methods Authorized for Taking Big Game (Section 353, Title 14, CCR) in December, 2007 to prohibit the use of projectiles containing lead for hunting deer, bear, wild pig, elk, and pronghorn antelope in areas designated as California condor range. Modifications to Methods of Take for Nongame Birds and Mammals (Section 475, Title 14, CCR) were also adopted to prohibit the use of lead projectiles in the same areas when hunting coyotes, ground squirrels, and other non-game wildlife. These regulations become effective July 1, 2008.
If you hunt in this area, you will be required to use nonlead projectiles to hunt big-game and non-game species beginning July 1, 2008. In addition, while hunting these species in this area hunters may not possess any lead projectiles/ammunition and a firearm capable of firing that lead projectile or ammunition.
NOTE! Lead Projectiles are still legal for hunting upland game species within the nonlead zone.

For bullets that are compliant with the laws, go to: They've got a wide selection of weights and calibers.

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