Sunday, September 14, 2008


Man, I was at the store a couple of hours ago minding my own business when this women came over, grabbed my arm and started checking out my tattoos before I ran her off.
What in the hell is that all about? What in the world convinced this total stranger to come over and start grabbing on me? Shit, if that had been a man that would be a beating offense, I don't care where we were at.
Bottom line: If you ain't a close personal friend or sleeping with me, you damned sure better keep your hands off.


bookmole said...

What if I came up nice and asked politely if I might look?

I ask because I do see a lot of tatts I would like to look at closer, but feel it would be intrusive. I would never grab your arm!

wirecutter said...

You don't have to ask politely as long as you just ask!
Seriously, I like to admire other people's work as well and I know they enjoy the compliments.
Thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and come back for more.