Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A favor

Hey, check this shit out.
I've been getting quite a few emails (more than I ever expected) about my blog and I do appreciate the feedback.
But I am kinda sorta curious about you folks. Would you mind telling me where you're from when you send a comment?


bookmole said...

Hi Ken,

I am a 53 year old woman currently living in Harrow, UK (just outside London, mostly famous for its school and church). Got very short hair, four kids, one husband and a dog.

Found your blog via (I think!) Bits & Pieces and really enjoy reading it. One of the things I really enjoy about the internet is reading about lives that are very different from mine - and yours very definitely is!

My blog is, in case you want to wander over and take a look - however, you have to have a Vox account to comment!

So next time I comment you will at least know who I am

wirecutter said...

Would you mind terribly if I published your comment on my main page?

Different..... That's a nice way of putting it!

Deb said...

Hey Ken -

Found your blog via

I don't know where you get some of the stuff you put on here, but it's a riot! Love the photos. California should give you enough material for all of eternity.

I have added you to my ever increasing blog roll (whatever that is), which I reserve only for those blogs that get me to truly laugh out loud!

VC said...

VC lives, drinks and shoots in Manteca. Used to live a life of excess and unrest. Today I wonder when I'm gonna get the money to play with the cars and still shoot the birdies.