Sunday, September 21, 2008

I was here!

This is the Lighthouse Hoodoo located in the Palo Duro Canyon just outside Amarillo, Texas.
When I was going through some serious changes due to a divorce my good friend Martha invited me to Amarillo to get away from my head games for a weekend.
As I was flying over Amarillo on the way to Dallas for my flight change I looked down and saw this HUGE canyon. When I finally got to Amarillo a couple of hours later I asked Martha about it and she said she'd take me there the next day.
When we got there, we drove around for a bit and took in the sights. It was beautiful, like a minature Grand Canyon and was full of history. Ollie Loving (of the Loving - Goodnight cattle drive fame) had a homestead there and Palo Duro Canyon is where the Commanche Indians made their last stand which I thought was fitting seeing as my problem wife was almost full blooded Commanche.
Anyways, later that day Drill Sergeant Martha hiked my ass off to the Lighthouse which was a little over 3 miles away down this rocky, cactus infested trail, and me in my good cowboy boots. But it was worth the blisters.