Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids, don't try this at home

Summer 1983
Remember Wrist Rocket slingshots? I used to live across the road from a trailer park in a semi-rural area. This trailer park was full of white trash Okies. Real losers.
O.K., I went to a gun shop and bought a box of 44 caliber round ball, the kind you shoot out of muzzle loaders. That night, me and Dave are sitting around (wired up for sound) about two in the morning and I turn out all the lights and tell Dave to be patient. I'm fixing to trip him out, I tell him.
After about 20 minutes, we creep out the door and go to the backyard. I pop 4 or 5 of those balls in my mouth and put one in the pouch of the slingshot. I fire the first one as hard as I can almost straight up, but angled just slightly towards the trailer park. As soon as I fire off the first one, I reload and shoot off the rest of the ammo in my mouth as quick as I can. About 5 seconds after I fire off the last one, those half ounce balls came just crashing down amongst all those trailers and cars. It was great.
You figure those lead balls were doing in the neighborhood of 75 MPH when they hit those trailers. It made one hell of a racket and I can only imagine what was going through those tweeker's minds when all that clanging and banging started.

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