Saturday, September 06, 2008

White Trash transmission fix

Transmission Fix
Ok so your transmission is going out. Thisfix is simple if you have full coverage insurance on your vehicle. Now before I explain this, I am not in any way responsible if you try to get away (and fail) with something like this. You are doing it of your own accord.
If you have full coverage on your vehicle, take the transmission plug out of your vehicle and then drive it till the transmission blows up. Then all you have to do is say that someone vandalized your vehicle by taking the plug out and it should be covered under the vandalism clause of your insurance. This also works for motors. I know of one person who has done this and got away with it. I don't recommend doing it. Another friend of mine who ripped out first gear in his tranny tried to do this, but didn't check his insurance policy close enough before hand. It was not covered under his insurance.

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