Saturday, September 13, 2008

So that's what that little lever is for

Army Ammo Plant
Oh shit, what the hell just happened? I stood next to the forklift scratching my head and picking my ass, trying to figure out what the hell I’d just done and if I should start trying to figure out a lie to explain the 10,000 grenades rolling down Line 7.
I remember coming from the Coinshoulder Press with a full bin of grenades headed for Building 13, slowing down at the intersection until I could see that it was clear, then swinging it wide and accelerating while throwing on the left turn signal. The next thing I knew, the lift was sliding sideways, the bin was laying on it's side and empty 20 feet from me, and I was well on my way to having a good story to tell over our breaktime joint. As I was standing there, Dave, who was working nearby at the time, came wandering up and checked out the scene. As I told him the story, he started haw hawing, but at least he was decent enough to let me finish the tale before pointing out to me that our forklifts don't have no fucking turn signals on 'em, what I had done was to shift from forward to reverse while traveling at full speed, heading into a hard left turn.
Yup, it looked like my first instincts were right, it was time to come up with a good bullshit story for the bosses.

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