Friday, September 19, 2008

Sorry about your bud Heckle, Mr. Jeckle

We were leaving Mark's property one day headed into town to get some food/dope/smokes (pick one). This road we were on had some huge old oaks lining the road, forming a canopy overhead. As we were leaving I saw this magpie taunting me by jumping up and down on a branch directly over the road. Now, I can't stand a stinking magpie, especially a smartass one. So I snatched up the 22 pistol on the front seat and punched off one round out the window at the bird just before we rolled underneath it. At 35 MPH. On a dirt road. Without even looking at the fucking bird. So you can imagine the look on both of our faces when that magpie bounced off the hood of my truck dead, dead, dead.

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