Sunday, October 05, 2008

Anything but liver, that is

I'll eat damned near anything.
I was at the taco truck at break a few years back and ordered a tongue burrito. Lucy, who was standing next to me asked "You like tongue?"
"You bet" I said.
She walked away with a weird expression on her face.
The next day I went one better and waited until she was in earshot and asked for a brain burrito. I'd never had one before and while it wasn't great, it was worth eating to watch Lucy gag.

We used to have menudo Fridays. Jose used to stop off at Maria's Taco Shop on the way to work every Friday and pick up a gallon or so of menudo with all the fixins - cilantro, chilis, limes and a bunch of flour tortillas for his partners and we'd sit in the back breakroom slurpin and burpin. Lucy wanders in and starts telling us how gross that is.
I had to tell her that there ain't nothing like a bowl of hot, steaming hog entrails to start your day.

Roger comes up and asks if I eat legs. Now I have no idea what kind of legs he was talking about but to be honest with you, I couldn't think of any type of legs I wouldn't eat.
He said he'd been out gigging on the backside of his property the night before and he had a mess of frog legs and would I like some?
Man, my mouth was doing some serious watering. I haven't had any frog legs in I don't know how long.
Roger reaches into a quart bag stuffed full of legs, pulls out a couple and tries to give them to me. I ignore the hand and keep my eyes on that bag. He laughs, hands me the bag and drives off.
A couple of minutes later Rick pulls up and tells me that Roger told him I had food. Hey, free to me, free to you, right?
We find a place right outside the door and start feasting, lips smacking away, frog bones scattered around our feet.
Lucy comes out the door and says "I'm not even going to ask......."
She didn't have to, Rick volunteered the information and grossed poor Lucy out.

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