Thursday, October 02, 2008

My day

Had a pretty lazy day today - they had 1 more person than they needed to do the job that I chose today.
Big John pretty much left me alone today knowing that the less he tells me to do the busier I'll stay (I'm funny like that) and after he left at noon, Commie John took over.
Now Commie John is a funny kinda guy - he's a boss, but he's also a conspiracy freak, hates the government, wears a red star as a tie tack, and he sympathizes with a working man.
While I don't agree with his politcs, I will admit that he knows his job, and more importantly, he knows my job so I'm not running my ass off trying to please somebody that's trying to look good to the warehouse manager at MY expense.
So I loaded trucks, ran full pallets, reloaded trucks that were loaded wrong and bullshitted with Janet the shipping clerk until it was time to go home.

Then my truck bit the big one one the way home. It couldn't wait one more day. So I'm calling in tomorrow for a personal day, going to the finance company that financed my last vehicle and getting a loan.
Hopefully tomorrow I can post a picture of my new (to me) ride.

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