Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweeney Todd

I had a hard time finding a barber that would cut my hair the way that I wanted it after I decided to start wearing it short. When I went to a "salon" they all wanted to cut it real short and "spikey."
Fuck that, I'm almost 50 years old.

A year ago I found an old timey barber shop that cut men's hair only. The barber had one chair, no waiting, and was my kinda guy. Shaved head, braided beard, ear plugs and heavily tattooed. The sort of guy that was craving a hold-up just so he could beat the fuck out of the robber.
The first time I went in there, there was a fine looking babe and her child there and Sweeney introduced me.
"I'm Sweeney Todd, I'm 42, this is my 21 year old wife and my one month old baby girl. You wanna talk shit about it?"
I knew then that I had found the right barber.

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