Sunday, October 05, 2008

Truck pictures

I went for a little ride this morning to put my new truck through it's paces - hit some of my favorite dirt roads in some of the range land east of town. It handled fine but the nicest surprise of all came when I refueled to see what kind of mileage I got.
Would you believe 24.73 miles to the gallon? The best I ever got in my S-10 was 24 and I only got that once. It averaged just a bit over 20 miles to the gallon.


VC said...

Truck looks great. Are you busy this weekend we need help moving and going to the dumps and picking up a sofa and hauling ssome dirt and and and and.

Am I wrong? When I had the 74 Chevy 3/4 ton everyone was my best friend on Thursday.

At least the pizza was free.

wirecutter said...


Daver said...

It's a Ford.


wirecutter said...

Actually Daver, it's the first Ford I have ever owned but in the past 30 years I've flat worn out 1 Dodge and 4 Chevy trucks, all but the last one were full sized. I'm hard on 'em.
I love a Chevy but I'm finding out that I really like this little Ford.
At least it's American. I wouldn't consider anything but that.
Can you see me next year in some small Texas town in a Toyota truck? I may not escape unscathed...