Monday, October 06, 2008


Umm, good morning I think.
I should've gotten my ass out of bed by 5 or 6 this morning with all the stuff I have to do. I had planned on being at my attorney's office by this time (8 AM), then to the ex's attorney's office to drop off some items of hers I found, then over to Matt's house to give him a ride (he recently had foot surgery) to the Union Hall in Scenic Downtown Stockton so we can vote on our union contract, then a late breakfast with him, then over to Greg's house in Riverbank City of Action to visit (he recently had another leg surgery) and pick up my welder and air compressor on the way back from Stockton, then yard work, then housework.

Looks like something ain't going to get done.
I'll likely skip the yard work. Everything else I have to do and besides, I'll look for any excuse to not do yard work.

I got involved in a good book last night and didn't get to bed until midnight, then got bounced out of bed at 1:30 by a phone call from a relative that had a bit too much to drink and needed a ride home. I went to the bar and got her, letting her know that if she even thought about puking in my new truck she was a goner.
Back in bed an hour later and slept in 'til almost 8.

I'll post more this afternoon when I run out of energy.

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