Monday, November 17, 2008

Grilled trout

Go out to the hills and find some mesquite. If you don't have any growing around, go to the market and buy some apple wood chips and soak them down.
Stoke up the grill with a fairly hot charcoal fire.
Take some big ass trout, stick some butter and a lemon wedge inside the cavity and wrap them completely in bacon (Bacon. Mmm, bacon) using toothpicks to pin the slices to the fish.
Take a handful of the mesquite or apple wood chips and throw them on the fire, put the fish on the grill and slam the lid down quick. This keeps the smoke in and the flames down.
Cook the fish, turning it only once, for no more than 10 minutes or until the bacon is thoroughly done, you know, blackened.
Here's the tricky part: Get the fish off the grill before the flames from the bacon fat ignite the back porch.
Take the bacon off the fish, throw it to the dogs and serve the fish.
It's downright delicious when served with red potatoes, steamed vegetables and wine.

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