Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm voting for both

We're having a general election for Union officials in my Teamsters Local. The way the thing is set up, you can vote for all 4 officers as one (called a "Slate") or you can vote for them individually. Most of us Old School Teamsters support the existing slate known as The Stronger Together slate while the newer, younger guys support the Members Choice slate. Anyways, each slate has posters everywhere and they're selling Tshirts to support their campaigns. Every day almost everybody is wearing either a black and gold shirt or a red and white shirt, depending on who you support. And believe me, the supporters are very adamant on their candidates, almost to the point of violence at times.
I ran across one of my fellow loaders wearing this today. At first I thought Mr. Ochoa was just undecided but he told me no, he just didn't want to piss anybody off so he had his wife stitch 2 halves together.
Talk about straddling a fence......

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