Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From Daver - Whereabouts (still) unknown

OK Ken here's your damn e-mail, but I ain't gonna tell you I live in the suburbs of Chicago cause I still think you might be one a them innerweb stalker folk. I'm Daver, a laid off construction worker that spends time blogging to fill in the gaps between searching for a job on line. I enjoy mundane activities like long distance target shooting with a Barett .50 cal rifle, hunting deer and turkey with a bow and arrow, and collecting and firing Civil War era black powder field artillery pieces. Oh, and I enjoy watching games rednecks play.

I'll be in Chicago (or wherever you REALLY are) in a week.
Can I shoot your Barrett?


Daver said...

Bring money, ammunition for it is almost six bucks a round.

wirecutter said...

It'll be worth it.

Anonymous said...

your payign 6 bucks around???? your getting screwed we get it for 2-50 3 dollars and thats factory ammo!...i hope to god its the we need it? no but do we want it? hell yes