Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Payday was today.
We have over 300 employees in my warehouse alone and maybe 20 bosses. Unless you deal with a boss directly, have been there a long time, or have made either a real good or real bad impression, most of them don't know the employee by their full name.
So, when it's time to get paid, everybody lines up in the office and recites their name. The boss shuffles through the checks and then gives the guy his pay.
Today it went like this:
"Pedro Rodriquez." He gets his check.
"Merry Christmas, Pedro. NEXT!"
"Jim Johnson." He gets his check.
"Merry Christmas, Jimmy. NEXT!"
"Juan Gonzales." He gets his check.
"Merry Christmas, Juan. NEXT!"
I stepped up.
"Gimme my fucking money."
"Merry Christmas, Ken. NEXT!"

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