Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yahoo! Yippee!!!

I started thinking Wednesday at work that although there seems to be a mysterious absence of BATs, the trout bite this year is red hot, better than I'd seen it in a long time. I've caught more weight in the past month than I had in the past 2 years and returned all but maybe 20 pounds to be re-caught.
If I wanted to get serious about getting into some BATs, I needed to take some time off work and devote some serious effort into it so I went upstairs to the Big Boss and said "Check this shit out, man. I know it's short notice, but I really need to take next week off."
Oscar got a serious look on his face and said "Sure, you've got the time coming. Is there some sort of emergency, something wrong with the family?"
I decided not to lie to him, so I came out with the truth. "Yeah, some serious problems. I had promised Dad to put him into some big trout and I keep coming up short. I need to keep him on the lakes all next week. This bite ain't gonna last forever."
"Wait a minute - not catching fish doesn't constitute an emergency......."
"I didn't say I wasn't catching fish, I said I wasn't catching BIG fish. And that's an emergency to me."
"Get the fuck out of my office."
"Can I have next week off?"
"Yes. I know that look. If I didn't give it to you, you'd just call in sick. Now get the fuck out of my office. Now."

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