Sunday, February 15, 2009

Should've used gasoline

A little boy about 9 goes into a drugstore and asks where he can find the Red Devil lye.
The clerk asks if his drains were clogged and the boy replied "Naw, my little dog got sprayed by a skunk and then rolled in dogshit to get the smell off and now he smells worse. I think this'll do the trick."
The clerk tells him that lye would probably kill the dog and suggested tomato juice instead, but the boy had his mind made up.
About a week later the boy returns and the clerk asked about the dog.
"Sumbitch died," said the boy.
"I told you that the lye would kill him" said the clerk, shaking his head.
The boy replied "Hey, he made it through the wash okay, but I really think it was the spin cycle that killed him."

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