Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bella from BC

Hey Wirecutter.
Just thought I'd send a note about myself, since you asked.
Been enjoying your blog for a while but I'm at a slight disadvantage as I have no nudie pics, pics of guns (can show you pictures of the moose and elk meat in my freezer that a friend shot) or a pic of myself. I will have to purchase a digital as the last one got stolen from the car. Ya, we have thugs up here too.
I'm from northern British Columbia, Canada and am middle age (that's as far as I'm going on that one). I have worked at a telecommunication company for more years than I like to admit and love my job but hate the company that I work for.
I usually visit your blog everyday and enjoy your sense of humor, your love for bacon, the weirdo pictures that you post (lol) and just about everything else.
Keep up the good work and Thank You for all the laughter and thought that you've given me through your blog.

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