Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free NRA membership link

I've gotten this message from several different people in the past 2 weeks and don't ask why I haven't posted the info. Just fucking lazy, I guess.....

Anyways, Kim from was the last to mention it, so I'll give her credit because (once again) I'm too fucking lazy to go through all my comments to find everybody else that told me about it.
Here it is:

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
Hey, if you're into guns which it seems like you are (you're not killing deer with insults), the NRA is offering a free one year membership:

Folks, NOW is the time to do this. The Obamites aren't going to take your guns all at once, they're going to do it one step at a time, just like it's been done in regimes past.
Join the NRA, there's strength in numbers.
And visit Kim's blog - Tales from a lady that's dealing with day to day struggles.