Monday, June 08, 2009


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Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

Yesterday, just four days before President Obama holds his closed-door White House meeting officially kicking off comprehensive immigration reform, he's already started to subtly tip his hand to what we can all expect...
The AP is reporting that Obama reversed a Bush administration rule that immigrants rights groups had long criticized in which immigrants awaiting deportation were not entitled to legal representation.
Under Obama's revised plan, you and I will be paying for legal services rendered to those who have no legal right to be here!
And there's more...
Open border activists today are kicking off a nationwide campaign aimed at fixing America's immigration system. According to Gabriella Villareal of the New York Immigration Coalition the time is right to fix our broken immigration system. "In terms of the political winds... we definitely are in a different position -- and in a good position to make immigration reform happen this year!"
The so-called "fix" is in, and it's up to us to quickly prepare for what I believe will be an immigration reform tsunami -- threatening to radically, and forever change our nation's landscape unless we take a strong, proactive stand against any reform plan that includes an amnesty component!
Just days ago I sent a message to Grassfire team members urging them to sign our new petition opposing Obama's coming amnesty agenda by clicking here:

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