Friday, June 05, 2009

Badgirl33 from Berlin

well I'm a 35 yo German, no hubby no kids one cat ;) working for a social insurance company. I run a few websites (see signature) so u can call me a webaholic.
I live in Berlin, the capital of Germany and I travel a lot. I'm very extroverted and got a big circle of friends. I like your blog, can't remember where and how I found it though, lol.
Keep it up Kenny baby
A warning from Wirecutter:
All of Badgirl's blogs EXCEPT for are NSFW.
That one is a blog about cats.
Don't ask me how I know about the others.....


Andy said...

god i love my mother country!

Chris said...

I love brunettes.

VC said...

Sexy, open minded, HOT!!

I love the pages - she just got one new reader.

Will said...

You gotta love them german girls. They have the sexiest accent.
Nice websites to.

Tattoo Jim said...

Nice to finally "see" you badgirl... you are, truly, a lovely young lady!!

cbullitt said...

Knew you had to be hot--your blogs certainly are. The pleasure is all ours.
Love your guns, btw.