Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you for saving us, O Great Obamessiah

World has avoided economic disaster, Obama says

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer
L'AQUILA, Italy – Lasting worldwide recovery "is still a ways off," President Barack Obama declared Friday, but he also said at the conclusion of a global summit that a disastrous economic collapse apparently has been averted.
Obama said world leaders had taken significant measures to address economic, environmental and global security issues.
"Reckless actions by a few have fueled a recession that spans the globe," Obama said of the meltdown that began in the United States with a tumble in housing prices and drastic slowing of business lending. The downturn now threatens superpowers and emerging nations alike.
Obama urged national leaders to unite behind a global recovery plan that includes stricter financial regulation and sustained stimulus spending.