Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Will's dog kill

Hey Wirecutter!
I finally got a dog kill man (first pic).....just kiddin' (second pic). Yeah, I'm still laughing my ass off over that shit. Anyways, this is Clover, our house mutt. We call her a "Jack Rat" because she's half Jack Russell and half Rat Terrier.. She is pretty much just spoiled damn rotten and thinks she rules the roost. I'll send ya some more pics of my "outside dog kills" later, lol. We've got four more dogs.
If you want to find out what the hell Will's talking about, click the Fish & Game link on the sidebar and go to the first post and read the comments. I think we both had a few to many that night.


Will said...

For anyone who dont get it, dont even bother to try. I had a few that night and was really excited about the topic and stuck my head straight up the ol ass. It was worth it though because to this day I can be drivin down the road and start laughing my ass off when I think of it.....good stuff, (very few things can do that to me anymore).

wirecutter said...

It was funny. I'm laughing about it now.