Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris's guns

The tale of two camps.I didn't realize, until I put this picture together, that this represents the first two firearms I ever purchased and the last two, so far.
I bought the Camp 9 (bottom) back in 1985, right after my 18th birthday. The Star Mod.30 pistol in 1988, just after I turned 21. The fact that the magazines were interchangeable was pure dumb luck. The Thompson/Auto-Ordanace 1911 fell in my lap in late 2008, 21 years later. Mid 2009, a Camp 45 pops out of nowhere and now I have the sets!!
I had always wanted a Camp 45 to go with the 9 but never dreamed of actually finding one. Pure dumb luck again!
Together at last!
-Chris L.


Will said...

those are nice, man, and how 'bout that luck?

wirecutter said...

Better than nekkid titties, huh?
Well, almost as good.....

ibeam said...

Nothing beats nekkid titties, well except for nekkid titties together with cold beers!

Hillbilly Girl said...

SWEET! That's a nice collection of weapons.

note to self: take a picture of great-grandpa's 8ga stagecoach shotgun & send to Knuckles ..I'm guessing he will froth at the mouth :]