Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris's guns

The tale of two camps.I didn't realize, until I put this picture together, that this represents the first two firearms I ever purchased and the last two, so far.
I bought the Camp 9 (bottom) back in 1985, right after my 18th birthday. The Star Mod.30 pistol in 1988, just after I turned 21. The fact that the magazines were interchangeable was pure dumb luck. The Thompson/Auto-Ordanace 1911 fell in my lap in late 2008, 21 years later. Mid 2009, a Camp 45 pops out of nowhere and now I have the sets!!
I had always wanted a Camp 45 to go with the 9 but never dreamed of actually finding one. Pure dumb luck again!
Together at last!
-Chris L.