Friday, August 14, 2009

Tattoo Jim! You're back!

Gald to see you back safe and sound, Bro.
I missed your comments.
I'd write more but I gotta piss.


Tattoo Jim said...

Man, it's good to be back to the sanity and good people here at the OBX! Just "e'd" Carl (Sick of the Status Quo) and told him my story... this trip cost a fortune! Over $5,000 total in broken house shit and the wife broke her foot, too... Fuck D.C. and the Northern Virginia area!!! Those people up there are fuckin' crazy and that not just the politicians... as soon as I can get her retired and get a few friends away from there, I'm going to call in an air strike from somebody... just don't know who yet but I'll figure it out!!! Damn bunch of mindless fuckers up there... assholes!!! Total assholes!!!!!!
So, how are you????

wirecutter said...

Watch it, Jim. You prolly just got placed on a watch list.
Hey, email me with the details.
Sorry to hear about your Sweetie's foot.

Will said...

Yeah man, wtf.... you were always here statin' your piece and then all of a sudden..... nothin'. I think i speak for everyone when i say "you were missed". Sad to see your trip sucked, but hey, if your like me, the only time i enjoy travlin' is when i'm goin to get some cold beer.

wirecutter said...

Aw, TJ let us know in a comment that he was gonna be gone, I just forgot to post it.
Last time he split I had over 20 emails wondering if he was Okay. That was his fuck-up by not telling anybody, this one was mine for not posting it.
Sorry, Y'all.

da_truth36 said...

Yeah, he left a comment on one of my posts that he was headed north for a bit, after reading his email it sounds like he would've been a lot better off staying at home. Again, welcome back Jim!