Saturday, August 08, 2009

We're all Socialists now

Excluding small business, there are three major employment agencies. Federal Government, the auto industry, and State Government. Small business would be the biggest, but the Obama Administration can’t go after them directly. What are they going after? Well he already has the Federal Government and the auto industry. That leaves State Government.
We just found out how the states will lose States Rights by taking state bailout money. Here’s how he (Barry) will gain control of small business. Let’s take the example of a child day care business. It’s one of those businesses that make over $250,000 and the owner is considered rich. I know the owner. She is not rich. But I digress.
She will lose her license, therefor her business, if she does not do as the state says. They tell her, ‘It is your job to raise the children as we see fit’. I thought it was the parents job to do this. What other businesses are licensed by the state? Electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, I can name some others.
No, Barry O doesn’t want to be in your business. He says he doesn’t want to be in the auto business, but he is. He is already telling the auto makers how much to spend on advertising, who they will fire, what dealerships to keep, how much they can make and what cars they can manufacture. He blew off the 5th Amendment and allowed non-secured creditors to be ahead of secured creditors in bankruptcy court, by telling these secured creditors he would drag them through the mud with the White House Press Corp. Clearly unconstitutional.
Most of you don’t even know what Barry is telling the banks to do. He forced all banks to take bailout money, whether they needed it or not. If they didn’t want to take it, he would see over an investigation in their records. He told the banks to take the money for lending, but forced them to use it to buy smaller banks instead, because it’s easier to control more banking that way. Barry learned Chicago thuggery well.
So now what’s stopping him from controlling States Rights, State Government, and small business? Nothing. You sleeping, brain damaged imbeciles. Your letting this happen and denying it. Your going to wake up and ask what happened, when you were the ones to blame. I know you don’t believe me. I ask you to use your pea brains and research. The answers are there, but I’m sure your to lazy to go find them. Your school system has taught you well.

From Foxwood. Sorry I'm late in posting this, but I was reading older posts just now and saw this.

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