Friday, October 09, 2009

Amazing, absolutely amazing!

I find the amount of comments on my "Scientific Survey" post outrageous. I have had political posts, gun posts, humorous posts and real life posts and none have had as many comments than a post of the amount of pussy hair you like - 16 at last count, not including my replies and a few ladies that threw their 2 cents in. SIXTEEN!!!!
It's true, men do think with their dicks. No wonder Obamessiah got elected. Instead of paying attention to the ballot, you were checking out the ladies at the polling place and wondering if they had a hairy beaver or not.
But I do thank you for your feedback. Keep it coming.
Ladies, take note of what the guys had to say. The overwhelming majority of us like some hair. If you got a man, by all means please him with his likes. But if you're looking for a redneck conservative man to bring home the bacon, your best odds are to let it grow and keep it trimmed.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


VC said...

my dick says to tell you it never met a pussy it didn't like. regardless of hairdo.

Tattoo Jim said...

Now that is classic VC!!!!

Will said...

All the women at my polling place were about 80 years old and the thought of their "fur" never crossed my mind.......Fuck You, Obama!