Thursday, October 08, 2009

Argument over

Love that 44 Bulldog!
9 Millimeters are made for pussies that can't handle the recoil of anything bigger.
-Thanks to Doug!


skipelec said...

The sweet pussy that lays next to me can put all 15 rounds of her 9 in a 4" circle from across the room, and a 8" at twenty yards.
Got my back.

Tattoo Jim said...

The Glock 9mm stays close at hand but the .44 mag Super Blackhawk isn't that far away either! And the 870 Express with all 7 in it... right next to my side of the bed... plus the .38 S&W is in front of me while I watch TV... I'm covered as long as I can move 12"....

wirecutter said...

45 on the end table, 38 snub on the nightstand and a 12 gauge over my headboard.
Are we paranoid or prepared???

LUCKY said...

Prepared!! And 45 all the way no nine lives in my house! There was a shoot out in the late 80s in FLA if I remember right between a meth/angel dust freak and FBI the guy took like over ten bullets mostly nines and a agent pulled his own Colt 45 and ended the battle!!!

Will said...

All the guns in my house are locked up safely in a cabinet. The only thing that i may need them for is a bear or other animal. That's why i love livin in the backwoods of Arkansas.

Ride Fast said...

If you can put rounds on target, you're using the right caliber.

If you can put rounds on target with each caliber gun you own, you win.

If you can put rounds on target in the next area code, you win-win.

If any of the above is true, you make the California legislature cry.