Friday, October 02, 2009


Well, I had the misfortune of watching Obama's speech to the Olympic Committee. Actually I was watching Glenn Beck but they cut in on him and put that fucking idiot, the Obamessiah, on. And having nothing else to watch, I watched his speech.
What a fucking joke. He spent more time talking about himself than anything else. And he definitely brought his teleprompters with him. Like Woody said to me a couple of weeks ago, it was almost like he was watching a tennis match as his eyes went from one screen to the other. You could almost hear his pea brain rattling back and forth........
All I kept hearing for the past couple of days was that everybody was sure that he would be working while traveling (at yours and mine expense) on Air Force One. Yeah, he was working - on his fucking speech.
Fuck you.


Tattoo Jim said...

If sticking it to the American people is considered working, well, he's doing a hell of a job... ONE TERM ONLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

What's really fun is watching that clown trying to speak without his teleprompter. Or even better, trying to read the transcript of one of those speeches.

Brian said...

Should be no surprise, the fucknut saaid he doesn't like the word "Victory".