Thursday, October 08, 2009

A scientific survey

I receive a fair amount of pictures from readers that I can't publish due to nudity (this is a family blog, goddammit) but I can't help but notice that female pubic hair is slowly but surely making a comeback, thank God.
Now my question to my male readers is this:
Do you prefer a bald un-bush, Playboy-style landing strip, a trimmed but semi-natural beaver, or a full fur bush? Braided or ponytail?
Myself, being a child (okay, dope fiend) of the 70's, I like a semi-natural hair style of course.
Even if you normally don't comment on this blog, I would appreciate your views. I will allow anonymous comments on this post.
Female readers, I don't give a fuck about male pubic hair. That shaved shit on a man is just freaky.