Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Okay, here's the deal

Check this shit out.
I'm going to scale back on this blog - instead of 5 or more posts a day (okay, most days), I'm going to post a few every 2-3 days.
I got a lot of shit going on in my life right now that needs some serious fucking attention, the holidays are coming and it's the busy season at work, the Big Ass Trout (BAT) season is coming up in a couple of weeks, there's bacon to fry, and to be honest with you I'm just fucking beat down.
I was seriously thinking today about either quitting this blog or turning it over to somebody else, but I'm gonna blow that thought off for now. I'll try this first.
When I started this a year and a half ago, I was absolutely amazed that I got a whopping 400 hits that month. If I don't get 500 hits A DAY now, I feel like I fucked up somehow. And the mail I get from readers is one hell of an ego boost.
But damn, when I start feeling guilty because I didn't post that day, it's time to back the fuck off and re-think some priorities here.
So, check back when you get a minute, bear with me, and keep the hate mail down to a low roar. When I get my shit together and a little more time, I'm sure things will pick back up.
Fuck you, Obama (I had to throw that in there) and the horse you rode in on.


Deb said...

You kill this blog and I will drive on out there to the Land of Fruits and Nuts and slap you upside the head.

Take a break, slow things down, and enjoy life. You are right about the priorities. This friggin' computer sucks away more time and energy.

I hope you don't quit, but you have to do what's good for you.

Now go eat some bacon, mmmmm....bacon.

Deb said...

And another thing! You get 500 hits a DAY? If I get more than 50, that's a good day. Guess I have to start posting about camels, boobs and guns.

Barack Obama said...

No, fuck you ! ! !

wirecutter said...

Deb - Well, the one thing that keeps me from quitting is my BAT reports in the winter. I can't get anybody else to still long enough to lie to them about the fish I (didn't) catch.

Barack - No, FUCK YOU!!!!!

skipelec said...

Dude, ya gotta try Caples lake before the snow.
Fish, fuck, shoot, a lot a JD,some more bacon, read, kick back, blog on your time, ssok with us.
Well not really.


Jumblerant said...


DON'T QUIT!! 500 hits a day is awesome but it doesn't mean you have to post 5 times a day, or even post every day.

Take a break and come back and post 3 items every other day. Then you can save up the other items and have Blogger post them when you are out fishing, shooting or trying to find your way home whilst drunk as a skunk!!

And it's not like I get 75% of my readers from you or anything. . .

Tattoo Jim said...

Do what you gotta do, brother... scale back, take some time off, refresh the brain pan a bit... we'll be here when you get back, brother!

ibeam said...

I agree with Tattoo Jim! Scale it back a bit, but don't leave us!!

badgirl33 said...

u leave me alone with Tattoo Jim and the others? ooohhh bad boy, but I understand. Cya sweetie, and don't do anything I wouldn't do

Lula said...

I'm right there with you man. Take a break and regroup-we'll be here.

BillH said...

Don't stop the blog, you speak your mind, it might be gritty, but it's no bullshit. No one said you had to punch a clock, if you can post one day and not another, we'll just back later on.

Cbullitt said...

Oh Noes, another case of McGoo Flu. Take all the time you need.
Bacon is too important to fuck around with. We are--most of us--probably capable of finding our own.

Bella said...

Slow the pace down Wirecutter but don't give up on us. I'll wait for you to refresh but it sure won't be the same if someone else does it. Kisses from Canada and eat some bacon to clear the bean.

Yankee Twin said...

Your brother (the real one, up north) wants to know what you're working on so hard that you have to cut back on the fun shit? What you need are more evil cat videos! The twins had split reactions - S laughed and laughes. I wanted to know if the cats were hurt and said it was mean. Of course A laughed his butt off, too. I had to scroll real fast to get past the boobs to find the video again, but I guess it was worth it.

Your Yankee Twin.

wirecutter said...

All right, goddammit. Get off my ass. I'll post when I can, but fishing, bacon and beer are going to be my priorities.
But seriously, thanks for the kind words.

nonamedufus said...

Go with your priorities. But I'm glad you're hangin' on to the blogging. The interwebs would be lost without you, firend.