Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas

Well, I had a pretty nice Christmas. I didn't do much but drink beer and sleep my ass off. Kinda funny how those things go hand in hand, huh?
I woke up at 4 AM to head up to the lake in search of the ever elusive BAT, but really wasn't in the mood to drive for an hour and then freeze my ass off for a few hours to reel in a bunch of itty bitty 3 pound trout so I went back to bed.
I finally crawled out of bed about 7 - God, it felt SO good to sleep in! - and cleaned house for a bit, then napped for a couple of hours.
I finally got up and around for good then headed to Mom and Dad's place for a fine meal of ham, turkey, bacon, (Bacon. Mmmm...... bacon) and 47 different kinds of pie.
Dad gave me a new reloading manual which was much appreciated as my old one was so beat up and full of notes that I could barely see the loading data anymore. Thankee Pops, thankee.
I hung out as long as I dared, then hit the road before any relatives showed up. Fuck 'em, they don't want to see me any other time of the year, why should I act glad to see 'em Christmas day? Shit, I had a nice time listening to Mom tell me niece horror stories about my younger days (Fuck, I wish she'd catch that Alzhiemer's) and Dad telling war stories, I didn't need to listen to a bunch of relations dig into my business, you know what I mean? So I split early.
Anyways, I got home, loved on my Punkindog and fed him leftover pork and turkey.
Yeah, it was a good day excepting for not pissing nobody off.
But what the fuck, it was Christmas......


Deb said...

Good Lord, you are turning into a softee, not pissing anyone off. You just need to make it up another day.

Andy said...

hey atleast you ddint find out on christmas day your being laidoff like i did!..that makes twice this year due to companies shutting down

skipelec said...

Sounds like a cool day t'me.
Nobody pissed you off an' ya got through the day not deckin' some relative.
Got a nice nap [hard to come by] all-in-all, bitchin.
Have a lil Makers, watch some porn, choke yer chicken, sleep well my frien'.

Lula said...

Sounds like a good day-piss off two people tomorrow to make up for it!