Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanks, PETA!

I was reading the forum at last night and one of the topics was unusual sounds that bring coyotes in. Among them were listed dolls that cry, ticking alarm clocks hidden in the brush, car horns, weird off the wall shit like that.
But the one that got me was a red box bird call that's sold by - get this - PETA.
I read that and immediately went to google and found PETA's website looking for one of those calls, not necessarily because I wanted something better to bring them in, but so I could whack a coyote using one and then send in a picture of my kill to PETA, thanking them for putting out such an outstanding coyote call.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find one.
If anybody out there knows where I can get one or if you have the time to find it on their website, please pass the information on to me.
I can't pass this up.......


Just John said...

I think I'd look for an identical call from another source, simply to avoid giving those assholes any of my money. The satisfaction of of making a good kill with their aid might make it worth it though...

Rob said...

That's the call they are talking about I couldn't find one by peta but i hope this helps