Monday, April 19, 2010

Here we go again

The game plan used for ObamaCare is about to be repeated...
for the "cap and tax" energy tax.
You recall how ObamaCare got passed...
Obama's bulldog Rahm Emanuel is dispatched to Capitol Hill
to lay out the game plan...
The bill is "introduced" but we never see the real language...

Fearing public scrutiny and opposition, Dems skip the normal
committee process altogether and rush the bill to the floor
for a vote.
All the real work is done in a secret backroom.

That's precisely what is happening right now with the
"cap and tax" energy tax.
The Washington Post reported that Emanuel "met with a slew
of environmental and Democratic leaders to discuss climate
Then, Senators Kerry, Liebermann and Graham announced that
they will be introducing their bill later this month (April 26).

But there's one catch...

They aren't going to actually "introduce" the bill. Instead,
they are going to hand it to Harry Reid so Reid can take it
straight to the Senate floor and bypass the committees!

In Liebermann's own words:
"If we introduce [the carbon tax bill], it'll get referred
to committees," Lieberman said. "We want [Majority Leader
Reid] to be able to work with it and bring it out onto the
floor as a leader whenever he's ready."

-From Grassfire Nation

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