Monday, April 05, 2010

Please don't pull my Okie card

For the past year or so it's gotten to where I prefer a platter of flour tortillas with my beans instead of cornbread.
I'm sorry.


VC said...

Welcome to the family Amigo ! ! !

Will said...

Yeah, I've noticed that every since you turned 60......i mean 50..... that you been gettin sissified on us. Now there aint nothin' wrong with a good burrito now and again whether it be breakfast or lunch or supper but dude, dont lose your roots. Get some deer meat outta the freezer and fry it. Get some turnip greens out and boil 'em down with bacon grease. Make a big ol' pot of beans with bacon added to 'em and some corn bread........if that dont fix your ass then i dont know what we're goin' to do with ya, man!.......this time of year you can find morales which are a mushroom, we call 'em dry land fish, but they fry just like deer meat and taste kinda like a meat....that should getcha back to the heartland brother.

wirecutter said...

I'm sorry, Will. I'm sorry.

wirecutter said...

Thanks, VC. I appreciate being brought in.