Friday, June 18, 2010

I can only hope.....

I heard a tapping on my doorpost earlier tonight which was kinda sorta unusual seeing as I generally discourage company and everybody I know knows that.
I picked up my 45 and grabbed CharlieGodammit by the collar and answered the door to find my pyscho neighbor's cutie daughter there.
She was there to tell me about several home invasions in our neighborhood (she lives a block away) in the past couple of days, which really surprised me seeing as I live in a working class area and according to MPD stats, we've only had 1 burglary in the past year.
Misty told me that the home invasions all occured between 6 and 10 PM and they've entered through the back door.
I thanked her and immediately went and opened my back door.
Hey, it's not every day that you got a chance to legally shoot somebody......