Friday, June 18, 2010

Callin' 'em in

I see a lot of electronic calls for sale and I gotta tell you, I consider them to be cheating. Half if not most of the fun about coyote(pronounced kI-Ote, not kI-Otee)  hunting is calling in the motherfuckers yourself.
I can't even begin to describe to folks the thrill I get when I call in a coyote with my mouth calls. No shit, I'm always surprised when I see one coming in. It doesn't matter if I get a shot or not, it's always a kick in the ass to know that I got that motherfucker to run to me.
In my opinion, Todd Sullivan and Les Johnson put out the most versatile calls. You can jackrabbit, cottontail, coyote howl, ki-yi or growl with them.
If you want a real winning combo up in the hills, try a squirrel bark, a coyote growl, then a distress call. If there's a coyote anywhere around, he'll soon be in the back of your truck headed for the skinning rack.