Friday, June 18, 2010

Callin' 'em in

I see a lot of electronic calls for sale and I gotta tell you, I consider them to be cheating. Half if not most of the fun about coyote(pronounced kI-Ote, not kI-Otee)  hunting is calling in the motherfuckers yourself.
I can't even begin to describe to folks the thrill I get when I call in a coyote with my mouth calls. No shit, I'm always surprised when I see one coming in. It doesn't matter if I get a shot or not, it's always a kick in the ass to know that I got that motherfucker to run to me.
In my opinion, Todd Sullivan and Les Johnson put out the most versatile calls. You can jackrabbit, cottontail, coyote howl, ki-yi or growl with them.
If you want a real winning combo up in the hills, try a squirrel bark, a coyote growl, then a distress call. If there's a coyote anywhere around, he'll soon be in the back of your truck headed for the skinning rack.


Skip said...

Gotta rabbit screamer 'round here somewhere, works good.
Used to shoot wild dogs down by the border. They would run in packs, up from mesiko.
'Bout 300yds a .308 would fuckim up.

wirecutter said...

I own 13 coyote calls, I think. I used a Savage 99 in 308 for the longest time but it was tearing the hell out of the hides.
If your screamer is an open reed call, you can use it as a howler with a little practice. Give 2 quick huffs up near the top, then slide down about halfway and blast away, tapering off after about 10 seconds.