Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh, hell!

My computer's fucking up again. I just put 2 1/2 bills into it and now I'm wondering if I should pour more money into it or go deeper in debt to buy a new one. Posts may be few and far between from here to the weekend.


drjim said...

Might be worthwhile to save anything you consider worth saving (burn to cd, get an external hard-disk, etc) and reinstall Windoze.
*OR* get a Mac, or try Linux.
wv: "jogitin"
something I used to do frequently in my younger days.....

cbullitt said...

Buy a Mac. New ones are faster than shit, virus proof. And if the drive does by some act of God crash, you can recover it.
OF course there is that debt thing.

Skip said...

Dump everything onto an external.
Then take the fucker to a canyon and try some .44 mags.
After that, police up the parts, chuck 'em, work some OT and buy a new one.

WV- misti
I did her behind a truck stop, I think.

Ted said...

What problems are you having with it.

I'm semi local (Murphys) and do some computer repair.