Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Piss on 'em

I've been tracking my latest coyote call ordered from Fur Traders (see the link in the post a couple of days ago - I'm too lazy to re-post it) and USPS says it'll be here tomorrow.
Check this shit out: It comes with a 52 page instruction book and a howler reed that can be heard for 3 (that's right, THREE) fucking miles. Now, not only can I piss my neighbors off, but I can also piss off folks on the other side of town.
I doubt I'll ever hunt with it but sonofabitch, I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this motherfucker!


Tattoo Jim said...

Reminds me of my uncle when he got his "special" turkey call and c.b. radios were still the big thing... every trucker in the southwest part of Virginia got to hear that call... over and over and over and over.... that might have been why c.b.'s went the way of 8 tracks.....

Ramon said...

Damn, with my neighbors, I NEED one of these. Which one was it?

Skip said...

If it works 'an calls in a dog, write up a review.
I'm lookin' hard for a Yote call that works. Shooting from close to the truck using a recorder of bunny squeels ain't getting it.

wirecutter said...

I'll let you know by next weekend, Skip.
I got it today and it's by far the most realistic howler I've ever heard.
Yips, howls, whines, ki-yis, you name it it does it and does it well.