Thursday, June 03, 2010

To Scott from Karen

Bunky's home is being built in Warren County in Browntown. He has beautiful views in any direction on his 12.5 acres including a pond which he plans to stock. He can see the cars as they travel on Skyline Drive. His house will have voice activated lights, heat systems, doors, etc. Pulley systems will be installed to help lift him in and out of the bed, his chair, and shower. His deck will wrap around the house so he has escape routes in case of fire. Plus he can race his nieces and nephews in their scooters with his wheelchair which he drives with his head.
The key day, the day the key to the house is turned over to Bunky, is tentatively set for sometime in August. I hope you can come up and join in the celebration. I'll let Ken know when it is and maybe if I say purtty please, he'll post if for me. And when you get there, marvel at the Stars and Bars, please. My team and I are donating and installing the flag and flag pole. Long may she wave!

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Scott McCray said...

Please do keep me posted! If it just happened to be the first weekend in August, that would be great - I'll be home to Virginia for our family reunion then. I'm looking forward to seeing the Stars and Bars flyin'...
Maybe Ken can break free and come for a visit, too? (hint-hint)Plenty of good shootin' spaces back home. (just sayin')